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ACES Library Reservation Rooms

ACES Policy Changes effective immediately

  • Conference Room Hours
  • Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for approved events only

Conference organizers, group attendees, catering or others associated with a conference will be able to enter the LIAC at 7:00 a.m when the exterior doors automatically unlock.


  • Handicap accessible
  • Convenient Circle Drive parking available
  • Wireless Internet
  • Smoke-free facility
  • Within walking distance to many campus destinations

Below is an overview of the rooms and facilities available for reservation at the ACES Library, Information, and Alumni Center.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

  • Venue8 small 6c84a3b1ac4bfb0a940c80cf9eb9673ac3c87212d05e3796293cf0333d3675b3 The Heritage Room set up banquet style for a luncheon. This room is the only conference room that is a multipurpose space that can have many different set ups.

The Heritage Room

Location: #107 (Main Floor)
Dimensions: 40' × 30' (approx.)
Capacity: Up to 80
Located on the main floor, the Heritage Room is our largest and most versatile space. Measuring about 40 feet by 30 feet, the room offers a large view of the South Quad.
The Heritage Room can be configured to meet your needs and is ideal for large conferences or presentations, receptions, and luncheon events.
The room accomodates a wired microphone and two additional wireless handheld or lavaliere microphones. For presentations, a 70" interactive display with integrated computer is available.
  • Venue4a small bf410e17e1abbd09aaafc697ad50fe3997ec36994377bdf0af9e56f721cccc8d The Monsanto Multimedia Studio.
  • Venue4b small 3369c014ff851e4c2c16595db2d32f4241c231722952eb0f79e875b04a8d87f7 The Monsanto Multimedia Studio.

The Monsanto Multimedia Studio

Location: #008 (Lower Level)
Dimensions: 40' × 40' (approx.)
Capacity: 80
Located on the lower level, the Monsanto Multimedia Studio is ideal for classes, training or work sessions, and large computer or audiovisual presentations.
The room features a built-in projection system with dedicated computer and options for displaying a laptop via HDMI and VGA connections. A permanent wired microphone is available at the podium and accommodates four additional wireless handheld or lavaliere microphones. A toss-able microphone is also available upon request.
  • Venue7a small 1ec940ce13a5dd4eefdeb132cd761290231804288e387f6d69f4144e5c6ea760 The Morgan-Caterpillar Room.
  • Venue7b small 56175a2150fdede93869699285a152835fd08b477b9f903b06924c13d7f7d480 The Morgan-Caterpillar Room.

The Lee L. and Mary Morgan - Caterpillar Foundation Conference Center

Location: #130 (Main Floor)
Dimensions: 15' × 25' (approx.)
Capacity: 20
The Morgan-Caterpillar Room is a medium-sized conference room on the main floor.
The room features a completely integrated audio visual experience with ceiling microphones and pivoting camera to enable conference calls, a 90" primary display with two 70" interactive displays that control a dedicated computer, and a wireless presentation system for displaying a laptop.
  • Venue5a small 41c889238be0cca8ad26e498b55fbe3fca965eca594416fb1f493dca417043b0 The Sims Executive Room.
  • Venue5b small 0d34ecc4864732d7b977cea722efffa558fd89cb5ece9c123f5f5f6ecfb1c498 The Sims Executive Room.

The Fay M. Sims Executive Center

Location: #109 (Main Floor)
Dimensions: 20' × 30' (approx.)
Capacity: 24
The Sims Executive Center is a medium-sized conference room on the Main Floor.
For presentations, a 70" interactive display with integrated computer is available. The room accomodates wireless microphones upon request.
  • Venue6a small 8dd9c5ea62b7a88b8bd4e9e6d726b34a28fa7ba216310c508d7df42f9f921b8d The Spitze Conference Room.
  • Venue6b small 5bd91c8dd5194f759d091ab3c3d99c43f3916c6e60f948538c6c1600d17335c5 The Spitze Conference Room.

The Robert G.F. Spitze and Hazel Taylor Spitze Conference Room

Location: #105 (Main Floor)
Dimensions: 15' × 20' (approx.)
Capacity: 12
The Spitze Conference Room is a private meeting area on the main floor, suitable for conference and events with up to 12 attendees.
  • Venue9a small 58299bd2de2972ddf1ddcaea95c10942594959f26d60731fc58edaeae55bc129 Conference Room 104.

Conference Room 104

Location: #104 (Main Floor)
Capacity: 16
Conference Room 104 is a private meeting area on the main floor, suitable for conferences and meetings with up to 16 attendees.